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MoleculeX is developing mucosal adhesives for mucosal drug delivery and wet tissue care. We apply science and continue to innovate medical adhesive solutions that provide stable and reliable affixing for more clinical scenarios.


Our Technique

MuCover® Tissuetape

  • Surgical hemostasis

  • Vascular anastomosis adjuvant

  • Organ incision closure

  • Transmucosal drug delivery

Hepatic Injury Hemostasis Test


MuCoat™ Mucosal Coating Agent

  • Long-lasting Mucosal Coating Agent for oral ulcer and transmucosal drug delivery

MuCoat™ In-Viro demonstration 



Oral Mucositis

Oral mucositis refers to mucosa ulceration following chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It can lead to severe pain and difficulty eating in cancer patients, which in turn leads to hospitalization and interruption of cancer treatment. It costs U.S. healthcare system $5 billion annually in the management of mucositis. Traditional clinical solutions are palliative and inefficient for ulcer protection and healing with anesthesia and analgesics.



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MuCover® Familiy
Oral Adhesive Film

MuCover® is an Oral Adhesive Film System for management of oral wound and mucosal disease. Proprietary mucoadhesive composite material effectively seals the ulcer while offering long wear time. Which protects against external stimuli, helping to relieve pain and create environment for ulcer healing.

MuCover® Oral Film

The novel concept of nutritional supplement products avoids the first pass effect of general oral carriers, and delivers nutrition (API) directly and efficiently through the oral mucosa.

MuCover® Transmucosal Drug Delivery System

The application of MuCover® film is extremely simple that enables easy, precise and sustained drug delivery in challenging location

MuCover® Intraoral Wound Dressing

Featuring with degradable design, MuCover® is ideal to avoid risk of adhesive-related mucosal lifting injury.


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